Lacor-40126-STOCK POT 26 CMS。バイトロッコ - Lacor-40126-STOCK POT 26 CMS. VITROCOR

Lacor-40126-STOCK POT 26 CMS。バイトロッコ【楽天海外直送】 - Lacor-40126-STOCK POT 26 CMS. VITROCOR:Excellent Imports

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Lacor is a manufacturer that fully caters to the needs of gastronomers and connoisseurs. Lacor offers a range of pleasing products which are not only used domestically but also in five-star hotels.
As well as covering stainless steel kitchenware in a wide array of shapes and sizes, the range also includes table utensils, bake ware and tea and coffee sets.

An essential and classic kitchen item. This range proposes complete sets that are elegant and attractive, which are distinct features of Lacor's products. Part of a complete range of pots and pans, including a non-stick paella pan. It includes everything needed to please even the most fickle gastronomers.

Dimensions: 40.13 x 40.13 x 24.38 centimetres (2.4 kg)

当店は、アメリカ カリフォルニアを本店とする海外ショップです。
当店のカード決済代行会社は Rakuten Commerce LLC です。

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