Denby Cast Aluminum Wokシングルロングハンドル28cm x 9cm、ブラック - Denby Cast Aluminium Wok with single Long handle 28cm x 9cm, Black

Denby Cast Aluminum Wokシングルロングハンドル28cm x 9cm、ブラック【楽天海外直送】 - Denby Cast Aluminium Wok with single Long handle 28cm x 9cm, Black:Excellent Imports

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Denby Cast Aluminium Wok with single Long handle 28cm x 9cm, Black

Made from solid aluminium with a non-stick coating this wok provides greater heat distribution and is suitable for all hob types. The non-stick coating allows for healthier cooking whilst the soft touch easy grip handle and stainless steel patterned base makes pans suitable for induction hobs. To protect the non-stick coating we recommend using wood, plastic or nylon utensils. Not suitable for ovens or microwaves, can be used under a grill. Hand wash with detergent and a brush or nylon pad, do not use steel wool or metal Pads as these may scratch the surface of the cookware.

Dimensions: 48.5 x 29 x 9 centimetres (0.98 kg)

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