Tefalの経験精密Sauteパンと蓋、黒、26センチメートル - Tefal Experience The Precise Saute Pan and Lid, Black, 26 cm

Tefalの経験精密Sauteパンと蓋、黒、26センチメートル【楽天海外直送】 - Tefal Experience The Precise Saute Pan and Lid, Black, 26 cm:Excellent Imports

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Tefal Experience The Precise Saute Pan and Lid, Black, 26 cm

The Experience range from Tefal is our first multi material range that offers you the perfect mix to master your cooking. If cooking is your hobby then you need professional cookware that inspires you. This range offers cutting edge technology and different materials for the perfect cooking results. The Delightful Stew pot is cast aluminium with a ceramic internal coating. The delightful stew pot has a Condensation system within the lid which has an optimised watering process whereby the condensation drips down evenly across the food to lock in moisture & keep tenderness for perfect results. Great for those meat based stews to showcase the tenderness of tough meats. Cast aluminium is 60% lighter than standard cast iron and offers excellent heat retention. The ceramic interior has a high resistance to temperature and scratches and is also easy to clean and durable. Suitable for all heat sources, dishwasher and oven safe. Experience by Tefal has taken advantage of the best qualities of each material and combined them in a collection that guarantees precision and perfect control over your cooking

Dimensions: 53 x 29 x 14 centimetres (2.6 kg)

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